The AWOL Mattress Pad, a Chocolate Monkey and Graduation...

So I lost a mattress pad. Actually, physically lost it. As in cannot-find-it-ripped-the-entire-house-apart-kind of lost a mattress pad. I can understand losing a sock, your keys, a shoe (which happens about 18277 times a day in my house and is on my top ten most hated wastes of time). But a mattress pad. I repeat, A.Mattress.Pad.Is.Gone. 

So a few Wednesdays ago I worked a double so it was my usual get up at 4am, at work by 5:30, work for 17 hours, leave at 10:30, get home by 11:30. When I got in bed that night, I was obviously exhausted but just not able to fall asleep (per usual). Matt woke up, and he couldn't go back to sleep either. So, we hung out and chatted until all hours of night (like 3:30am). Around 4:15am Layla started sobbing which only means one thing: she peed through her pull-up. I am so tired at this point that I literally strip the child, clean her up with some wipes, wrap her in a towel and bring her in our bed. Deal with the sheets later, right? 

So the next day (exhausted, obvi) I stripped her sheets and mattress pad, included blankie in the bunch (this is a serious crisis because blankie needs to be available at all moments of the day for Layla to hold). I put everything in the laundry and continue the chaos of the day. I do remember that instead of putting everything in the dryer at once, I took Blankie out to dry first. After Blankie was dry (about 12 sobbing meltdowns in front of the dryer later), I put the rest of the sheets into the dryer and put yet another load in the washer (laundry and dishes are evil because you are NEVER truly done). When the dryer sang to me (my new fab dryer doesn't do the evil beep. It plays a little tune. It makes laundry just a smidge better because I at least feel like it is not screaming at me when it is done. Only a smidge better, nothing more. My ovens sing to me too. Love that.) I went to get the rest of the sheets to put them back on Layla's bed. Or so I thought. 

Welp. This is when I made my discovery. Now you may be thinking, "Okay it obviously has to be somewhere." That is what I thought too... But I have actually put off writing this post because I keep thinking it will turn up... But it hasn't... And it is making me feel even more psycho than usual. The other day I was looking for my blood pressure cuff and I still can't find it. This drives me insane, but I can understand why something like that could be misplaced. It is a smaller item in a little black case that could easily be put in a random drawer, get mixed in with the toys, etc. A MATTRESS PAD. COME ON. So, several weeks have passed, house cleanings have occurred, and it is STILL GONE. GRRRRRRRR. 

Now what makes me able to move past stupid missing mattress pads is the fact that my oldest little girl has graduated preschool. The next lunch I pack will be for a kindergartener. This completely freaks me out because I do not feel mature enough in any way to have a child in elementary school. We had a special night out just the two of us this week for a haircut and shopping for a graduation dress. She had four inches cut off but her hair was so long you could barely tell. 

We went to dinner and she got a special beverage... a chocolate monkey (sidenote this brings me back to our amazeballs Jamaican honemoon but there was obvi some adultness to those).

Then we had a lovely day at graduation where she wore the dress she picked out, we curled her hair, and she put on 12 pounds of lip gloss. I can truly say my dad would have called her "greasy chicken lips" which is what he called all of us when we had any type of shimmery/glossy lip stuff on. We had to punch a new hole in the belt about six inches from any of the other ones because that little waist was too tiny for it. 

During the ceremony when passing out 'diplomas' the teachers read aloud what each child had said was their favorite thing about preschool, and what they wanted to be when they grew up. Summer "loved playing with the ponies and with her friends, and she wants to be a nurse just like her mommy." My heart melted. We also found out (and were beyond thrilled) that Layla is going to have Summer's teachers next year. I have already started explaining how utterly different two sisters can be... Miss Layla Mae is not the rule-follower that they have come to known and love about Summer... but she brings her own amazingness that no one can resist. 

On another exciting note, I ordered my new dining room furniture yesterday! I shouldn't say 'new' as opposed to 'old' since my dining room has been sitting completely empty since we moved (we eat in the breakfast area in the kitchen). I also got way too excited and stupidly motivated and started something last night... 

Let the transformation begin (somehow)... and yes, I do realize I am crazy. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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  1. you are amazing! where you get the time or energy to accomplish half of what i read is beyond me!