Runaway washing machine and Layla's Birthday...

Welp, I got a new one for you. Last Thursday morning I was making breakfast for the girls, starting on my endless to-do list, getting anxiety over everything I need to accomplish in the next few weeks, etc. I gathered the sheets off my bed and Layla's bed and threw them in the washer. I continued on with my morning when all of a sudden an incredibly loud banging is coming from the laundry room. The girls started screaming and I sprinted in there to see what the heck was going on. It literally sounded like someone was banging on the side of my washing machine with a cast-iron skillet. I went in the laundry room, and lo and behold... THE ENTIRE TOP OF MY WASHING MACHINE HAS COME OFF AND IS SHAKING AND SLAMMING INTO THE DRYER. WHAAAAAAAT?!?!?! Need proof? Here you go: 

I found these little guys on the floor: 

So we bought these the day we moved into this house (less than a year ago... and I'm seriously, we went straight from closing to Best Buy because we were moving just a few days later and I could NOT be without a washing machine for more than a day or two... because obviously whenever I don't have a washing machine, everyone goes into a peeing the bed, spilling all over clothes, destroying everything phase. We bought the extended warranty so my thought process was that there is no way this wouldn't be covered, I will get a brand new washer, whatever... but I was concerned about the fact that I barely get laundry done when I have a functional machine, much less one that wants to eat me during the spin cycle. I tore my house apart looking for the receipt with the warranty info (I am usually super neurotic about keeping that stuff, but conveniently I found stuff for every appliance we have ever bought dating back to the old house EXCEPT this washer and dryer). Couldn't find it, but called the Best Buy customer service line anyways assuming they could look it up. The woman I talked to asked what had happened, so I simply explained that the top part of my washer somehow detached from the rest of it during the spin cycle. The woman actually burst out laughing and said, "What happened?!? That's a new one." She transferred me to the appropriate person while still chuckling to herself. I pretty much got the same reaction from the guy I talked to. He kept explaining that he had never heard of this happening so it had to be extremely rare. My response? "I have a tendency for bizarre/crazy things to happen to me." 

So they told me they would send a repairman out to "assess" it Friday morning, despite the fact that I assured them that the entire machine body had been warped. So at this point I had wet sheets, a mountain of laundry, and no washer in the near future (Not to mention I was working on Friday morning and I felt terrible asking my babysitter to deal with the repairman). I tried to ask when I could possibly expect to get it replaced and he went into the whole, "That depends on the manufacturer, yada yada yada." I stopped listening because the only thing I really heard was "NOT ANYTIME SOON." I truly hoped that would not be the case. 

Now until this point, I have not had a single issue with my washer or dryer. I actually love them. Since there was no washer or dryer when we bought the house, we decided (aka I made a very good argument and won) to go with deluxe, heavy duty, amazeballs ones since we will have them the length of their little appliance lives. One of my favorite features is that both the washer and dryer play a little tune when they are done (instead of the evil MEEEEEEEP that yells at you to fold and put away your clothes). I have enough stress in my life, I really don't need my dryer screaming at me. So the only bad thing I could find in any of the reviews was, "If you are short, the washing machine is so big and deep that you may not be able to reach the clothes at the bottom." I am short, I have this issue, and I go on my tippy toes or I use a stool. No big deal. I have washed huge comforters and GIANT loads of laundry without a snag. I throw in two sets of sheets (which I do weekly the exact same way), put it on the bright whites setting and the spin cycle decides that today of all days, it needs to bump it up a notch and go PSYCHO. 

After work on Friday I called Matt to find out what they said and to see when my new washer would be coming. He stalled for a second, and was like, "The guy fixed it. He said it was our fault and we can't mix loads." First of all, WHAAAAAT? I'm sorry, that machine could and should not be fixed. Second of all, THERE WAS NO MIXING!!! IT WAS TWO SETS OF SHEETS!! NOTHING ELSE!! Can you tell I am a little irritated about this? I will take  full responsibility if I screwed something up, but I literally put my sheets and Layla's sheets in like I do EVERY week, without a single issue. One time (a very long time ago) I had a load of towels (JUST towels) and I guess I had put essentially all the towels on the left side of the washer. It stopped and started beeping saying it was an uneven load. I redistributed the weight and it was no problem. I expect even if I did put all of the sheets on one side (which I didn't), it should have stopped and told me it was uneven. I have not had a chance to call Best Buy back and say "No. Sorry. This was a really expensive washer that is less than a year old and "fixing it" is just not acceptable." You saw the pics. Now I am always slightly nervous to do laundry, which does not help when I barely have the motivation to do it anyways. Ahhh oh well. Just another day.

On to happier things: Layla's birthday.  

It was a Sunday and she requested homemade waffles for breakfast and to go to the pool for the day. We obviously complied with her requests. Here is the birthday girl in the morning (I seriously cannot believe this little nugget is three): 

Then it was present time... a new Dora Bike! 

(And helmet... safety first, obvi). 

She was totally thrilled. After a quick ride around the neighborhood (and becoming totally soaked because it was disgustingly hot), we packed up and made our way over to the pool. It was a GORG day (if you are just sitting in the water of course). We ate there, had a few bevs, some neighbors came to hang out, we relaxed, and then left just before the crazy storm hit. 

Other than my crazy frizzball hair (I guess it is obvious where Layla gets it), 
I love this pic of me and my girls. 

All in all, it was just a really NICE, relaxing family day which seems SO long ago at this point (I mean... it was one runaway-washer-and-a-few-panic-attacks-over-work-and-childcare ago). 

Happy Wednesday! 

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