A few all-time favorite pics: Part 1...

Over the years, I have posted lots of pictures on facebook. Some humorous, some sweet. It was quite the trip down memory lane looking back. Here is the first installment of a few of my favs, in no particular order or date: 

The funeral for the baby bunny that was so carelessly killed by our dog. Such a mournful pose with their hands clasped... the devastation is evident.

The lovely task every parent hates... trying to take a good picture. I love this because Layla was not having it, and Summer was doing everything possible to make her smile.

While this was definitely a stressful time (no parent enjoys their child having to be put under anesthesia), she smiled her way through it and when they gave her the "silly medicine" it was kind of amazing.

My little worker bees... I said it then, I'll say it again now: I only hope they love cleaning this much when they are teenagers. 

Our family trip to the Alligator Farm in Saint Augustine. My caption then was about how it showed the personalities of all of my girls. 
Summer: Omg I'm totally scared but I will smile for the camera! 
Layla: Oooh what is this guy, let me squeeze his head!
Olivia: Mehhh I'll just go with the flow and look unfazed.


  1. Something is not right...Layla has clothes on in all these pictures!?!?!

  2. Even though it was a sad time, I think the Bunny Funeral is my fave. Even though you can't see their faces I can just imagine how sweet and serious and sad they were. So cute. Love the Simmons Sisters!