Approaching 30...

So I began this post a few weeks ago with incredibly mixed feelings about turning 30. It was a very wah wah wah post that now as I look back, sounds utterly ridiculous. The first part is how I felt prior to last weekend. The second part is how I feel now, after this weekend. Here we go. 

Part 1: 

In the last several weeks, I have been to elementary and preschool parties, had parent-teacher conferences, considered joining the PTA (decided to do that next year), dealt with doctor's appointments, soccer sign-ups, swim lessons, signed up to be a field trip chaperone, and planned a mom's night out for Layla's class. 

Who am I? 

I oftentimes don't feel old or mature enough to do these kinds of things. I have spoken of this before, but quite frequently I feel like a child with children among all the other adults with kids. This post may make many of you roll your eyes for many reasons. My apologies ahead of time. 

In just a few short days, less than a week, I will be celebrating a milestone birthday that always seemed so far away. Thirty. 30. Three.Zero. 

So I have nothing really against turning 30. It's just that my 20's were the most insane, busy, crazy, life-changing decade of my life... so I have mixed feelings about leaving them.

I remember my 20th birthday, just being relieved that the past year was over. My dad had passed away, I transferred to UMD and had a very rough first six months there. My 20th felt like a fresh start, and I could move forward from the pain and negativity that had been the last year. 

Just a basic, slimmed down timeline of my 20's:
  • 21 years old
    • Started dating Matt
    • Graduated college
    • Did an internship in Australia
    • Got engaged (in Australia... Matt came to visit)
  • 22 years old
    • Got married
    • Moved in with Matt (obvi)
    • First pregnancy
  • 23 years old
    • First baby
  • 24 years old
    • Started nursing school pre-req's (I needed two)
  • 25 years old
    • Started nursing school
    • Second pregnancy
  • 26 years old
    • Second baby
    • Third pregnancy
  • 27 years old
    • Third baby
    • Graduated from nursing school
    • Passed the NCLEX (nursing boards)
  • 28 years old
    • Moved to a new house
    • Started first nursing job
    • Started a blog :o)
  • 29 years old
    • Quit first nursing job
    • Began life as a stay-at-home mom
I had really an amazing decade of life. I experienced SO many major life events. Thirty just sounds so much older than I feel. So with such an epic decade of craziness, what's left?

Part 2: 

If last weekend is any indication of what my 30's are going to be like, BRING.IT.ON. I was blessed with the most amazing, fun, phenomenal surprise party in the history of the world (in my humble opinion). 

I really just felt so incredibly special. Around 90 of the most wonderful people in my life lied to me for the past several months. Like, really lied to me. And I fell for it. 100%. If you know me well, you know that I am nosy and will get to the bottom of anything. Fortunately for everyone, I have been very busy these last few weeks and probably disregarded a lot of things because my mind was in other places. 

The whole ruse that I fell for started a few months ago when my sister and I planned a beach weekend. We did it last year, it was phenomenal, and we would love to make it annual. Since that was the only open weekend we have until nearly August, I agreed and majorly looked forward to the time away. A week or two ago, my sister apologetically informed me that she needed to attend her husband's grandmother's birthday brunch. She is in her late 90's and is really most lucid in the morning (apparently not true, but I believed it). We decided to still go, but to come back Saturday evening. To help make up for our shortened weekend, our hubbys were planning a fun night out for the four of us. Perfect, right? So they got me out of the house for Friday and Saturday, AND made sure that I looked presentable when I arrived at the house. Had we not had the night out planned, I for sure would have showed up in sweats and a top knot. 

Clueless as all get-out, we get to my house and I go to open the garage door. I hear the motor go, but it doesn't open. "That's weird." I commented, but fiddled with the door and tried the code again. The second time worked, and I make my way in the house. Apparently, Matt had attempted to disable the garage door to force me to come in the front door, but I foiled that plan. 

Poor Matt hiding behind the door as I miraculously fixed the garage.

Everyone started pouring into the kitchen as I stood there in disbelief, laughing hysterically/crying. Between Matt, Stacey, BFF Liz, and plenty of other friends and family, they pulled out all the stops to give me a party I would remember forever. There was a DJ (love Mattie Fresh!!). The couch was moved to create a dance floor. There was catered food. There was sushi. There were Georgetown Cupcakes (I die for red velvet. Thank you Scott and Karli!!!). 

There were personalized napkins. 

There was a new mural on my chalkboard area AND my own hashtag... #stephsimmonsflirty30. 

There was a photo booth set up with props. 

There was a book made by my mom, little brother Tim and Liz that lots of people signed.

There was a margarita machine. I repeat, a margarita machine. With two flavors. Yes, you read that right. A margarita machine in my house. With two flavors. Everything was thought of. 

As if I wasn't already shocked enough, I had another amazing surprise. If you remember 'The Bostons' you will remember that I love love love them. Well, they CAME!!! (One couldn't because she is a rockstar and is training for the marathon... We missed you Chrissy!!!) They actually flew to MD to come to my party. I really could not believe it. For people I love to take the time out of their lives, to come party with me... I just could not ask for anything more. 

The night was perfect. Pretty sure I was on cloud nine and didn't stop smiling for a second. Everyone was dancing like crazy (there was a legit conga line at one point), drinking, and having a blast. 

I have never felt so loved and special in my life. I have the absolute best family and friends. Who cares about turning 30??? Not this gal. 

The older I get, the more I am aware that age is truly just a number. If you look at my friends, their age range spans many decades. And I don't even process that. 

I can't explain how grateful I am for Matt. He worked like a maniac to pull off an absolutely perfect night. He said to me, "I wanted to give an amazing party to the person who is always throwing parties for everyone else." I love him. I don't deserve him... I really don't know how I got so lucky. I love my girls. I love my family. I love my friends. 

So, what else is left to do in my life? ENJOY IT. Cherish my relationships and the time I get to spend with people. Be grateful for everything I have. I have a husband who really, truly loves me for all my quirks and crazy. I have absolutely amazing girls who are healthy, happy, and (for the most part) sweet and good. I have wonderfully supportive friends and family. I live in a beautiful house with awesome neighbors. 

On my 20th birthday, I could not have even dreamed of being at this place in my life just ten years later. No wah wah wah here... I know how good I have it. And I'm sure I will look back at this post a few decades from now and scoff at my stupidity and how young I was. 

So here's to my 30's... Let a new, amazing decade begin (on Tuesday)!!!!

Happy Thursday!!! 

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