My apologies...

So I fail this week. I got nothing. This is going to be a fake-me-out post. I know that no one really cares if I post or don't post, but I was just trying to be consistent for my own goals. I kept sitting down to write, and while I have two posts in limbo, nothing was really giving me the oomph to finish them. Instead, I got an annoying cold and cramps (sorry if you consider that TMI. Clearly I don't). I have actually gone up to lie in bed at 8pm the last two nights (which is always my prime writing time since that is really the only time of day that I don't have three adorable little girls climbing all over me). After the last two weekends of craziness (the shower and then we had an awesome annual Saint Patrick's Day party at my neighbor's the next), I just sort of crashed and burned. And I just felt like being lazy as much as insanely possible. And Matt basically forced me to watch True Detective (I have two episodes left, don't say a word!!!!). 

So I am utterly thrilled to be leaving tomorrow. My sister and I are going on a super quick beach weekend where pretty much all we do is shop, laugh, eat fatty foods, and sleep. I can't explain the phenomenal-ness. Burnt out from this winter doesn't begin to describe the way I (and I'm sure everyone else in this area) am feeling. I need a minute. I need to get out of this stinkin house and away for my kids for like a nano-second. I will be a better mommy when I return.

So anyways, I didn't create this blog to cause stress on myself. If the words aren't flowing and I feel like crap, my apologies. It isn't happening. I will, however, leave you with a few pics from the week. Not too much that hasn't been posted already, but here you go: 

This one totally creeps me out because it looks like the legs could be either Summer's or Layla's. 

The only pic I got of the leprechaun balls I made for my neighbor's party... pretty potent (Jameson and Bailey's were involved) but good: 

A paper I found in Summer's school folder. Melted my heart (and made me want to plan a mommy/Summer day stat. This girl knows how to have a good time!): 

Dance party... I don't think her tutu could get any higher: 

I'm thinking the girls are getting to know my sleep style... they were so excited to match me. 

Livi has no care about the camera. All she is worried about are those pancakes. I'm obsessed with her expression: 

So. My apologies again. I promise to be back with a vengeance next week. But for now...

Happy Thursday! And HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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