One of the best inventions EVER...

So if you are anything like me, you depend on coffee to survive. I never thought I would be this way, but I literally feel nonfunctional until I have some. There will be mornings that I don't know why I am so out of it and crazed, and then I realize I haven't had any coffee. Now in the winter, there is nothing like a hot cup of coffee when you are freezing. BUT in the summer, hot coffee to me is just unappetizing. I am super obsessed in general with iced coffee. Whenever I get iced anything from Starbucks I have to get light ice (even though I love a ton of ice) because I slurp it down in about four seconds. I've tried making hot coffee and putting it in the fridge. I've tried using day-old coffee put in the fridge. I have tried another method where you soak coffee grinds overnight in a giant bucket and have to somehow strain it out. The last method worked fine, it was just beyond tedious so I never did it. 

Enter the Toddy: 

My sister introduced me to this little baby last year. After she made me a glass of iced coffee when it was super hot a few weeks ago, I went straight to Amazon and bought it. Around $30. Worth every penny. So what you do is get a bag of coffee beans at the store. I got: 

It was on sale and I had a coupon. Obvi :o). So I ground the beans at the store (first time I have ever done that. Sort of exciting in a totally dorky way) at the coarsest that it would do. That evening after dinner (it needs to sit for 12 hours), I began the process (it isn't really a process. It takes like seven minutes, and five of those don't count because it is sitting there). All of these instructions are in the Toddy, but just so you know how easy it is... you put the little plug and filter in the bottom of the brewing container which looks like this: 

You add one cup of water and half of the bag of coffee (6oz). Then you add three more cups of water, then add the last half of the bag of coffee. Wait five minutes, then add three more cups of water.

After 12 hours (I have done 10 and it has still been perfect), you take the plug out of the bottom and let it flow into the glass decanter provided. Voila!! AMAZEBALLS!!

Warning... this is a coffee CONCENTRATE. NOT STRAIGHT COFFEE. DO NOT POUR AN ENTIRE GLASS OF THIS STUFF!! YOU WILL BE SHAKY, NAUSEOUS, AND BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS. I know this from personal experience, so seriously don't do it. They recommend doing one part concentrate to three parts water, milk, soy milk, whatever. Sidenote... it makes more than what shows in the picture (this is after several glasses were already guzzled). But one batch really will last you a while (depending on how much you slurp down everyday). It really is super delicious, it takes a lot of the acidity out, and it is just straight awesome. I need to guzzle an extra glass today... Olivia decided to strip her pajama pants and diaper off at some in the night. Pee everywhere (it could have been WAY worse. I know this).

Happy Tuesday!! 

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