This last weekend was a big one. Between Easter with both families (including a extended family photo shoot with one) and then my birthday yesterday, we have been go-go-go. BUT how amazing is this weather??? May I remind everyone that this was last Monday?!?! 

Anyway, we had a fabulous Easter and had our family pictures taken by none-other than the amazing Liz Cayne Photography. It is pretty awesome to have a best friend who is so talented :o). She sent a few outtakes which I think are almost as amazing as the final product. This first one makes me laugh because Olivia flailed like a total spazz, I am trying to just get my face out of the way, and Summer just scoots a little closer to Matt and Layla (who are utterly unaffected). It just shows what really happens in between all of those "perfect" smiles. 

Next comes one that is during our ENTIRE family shot and Olivia is just over it. Layla is looking at her with pity/"get it together" look. 

If you know Summer personally, you know she can be both shy and a total ham. Today was the total ham day. She was Liz's lighting helper, and did about a million poses. Love this one. 

 And now, the final product (of our family). Love Liz and love the pic. 

After the family pics, we changed gears to brunch and then an Easter egg hunt. We had one casualty (en epic nose dive straight into dirt)... 

But recovered quickly... 

 The other two had a great time as well...

If you notice I am wearing white pants (yes, three young kids and a dog. I'm aware that I'm an idiot), but I was psychotically running away from all FIVE dogs that were there because I was going to wear those white pants to church the next day and I didn't want to do laundry. Welp, I had to do laundry. 

We dyed Easter eggs that evening, and attempted to go to bed super early...

Sidenote... so all/99% of adults look pretty rough when they wake up, but for some reason the way little kids look just makes me laugh/want to hug them. This is Easter morning, bright and early! Olivia looks pretty pissed to have been woken up. 

We went to church, and had an AMAZING dinner with my side of the family. It really works in everyone's favor having a trained chef as a brother :o) We also set up a little Easter egg hunt for the cousins, and it totally melted my heart when Summer was helping the younger ones find eggs. (Several members of my family mentioned that clearly this was not a trait she got from me considering I am slightly infamous for my psycho competitive Easter egg hunt attitude). This was after dinner when we got into candy: 

Since this is already so long, I will post about my birthday later this week. 29! Eek!

Happy Tuesday!!! 

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