Time flies...

So the last week has been a bit nutty. 

Monday: Strawberry picking debacle. See previous post. 

Tuesday: up at 4am, work, home at 3:30pm, chaos, to be totally honest I absolutely cannot remember what else we did that day other than some awesome dance parties, collapse in bed. 

Wednesday: up at 7am, attempt to straighten up the house, leave for work at 12pm, home by 11pm, collapse in bed but can't fall asleep till after 1am. 

Thursday: up at 7am, Kohl's trip with my mom, lunch at Panera, chaos, Matt is gone for the evening playing in a golf tournament, collapse in bed. 

Friday: up at 4am, work, home at 3:30pm, Olivia wakes up from her nap with 103.9 degree fever, Matt is gone all evening again, up all night with Olivia, take a cool shower with her, (she randomly only wants to cuddle and kiss me--which was adorable/I wanted to die at 3am), Matt is a champ and we trade off shifts all night, Olivia's fever breaks at 5am and she does not have another symptom. 

Saturday: up at 6:30am, Matt gone (still the same tourney), make cookies, shower, Terminix shows up early (a preventative spray) while I am still in the shower, throw on clothes, go to the door looking like a drowned rat with mascara running down my face, let them in, wrap a birthday gift, birthday party at 4pm (but only for an hour because we had a sitter coming at 5:30pm), get ready frantically for our lobster dinner night out with Matt's brother Scott--Matt's 'guest' for the tourney-- and his amazeballs wife Karli, along with our neighbors Tammy and George and lots of other fun people), out for the evening, lots of food, too many drinks, live band, home after 1am, collapse in bed. 

Sunday: up at 7am, stay in bed but can't sleep, Matt takes the girls down to Easton to help his sister move, I walk to the Farmer's Market with my neighbors while eating leftover cold pizza, somehow buy no produce but find adorable Redskins headbands for the girls, walk home, collapse in bed (again), sleep for like four seconds, shower, drive to work (I was filling in for someone as charge nurse so I could go on vacation at the end of this month), have an utterly boring shift (other than having to catheterize one man and give a shot to this murderer who keeps telling everyone he is a doctor... but clearly isn't), get home at 12:45am, collapse in bed. 

Monday: up at 7am, find out my grandma is in the ICU with pneumonia, watch my sister's kids while she goes to visit, leave the girls with her to go visit her myself (and have a horribly awkward Starbucks experience... involving comments like, "My day is now better that you're here," interrupting every time I say my order to 'try' to be funny, refusing to give me my credit card back (making me pry it out of his hand), and a super awkward parting comment that I won't share... see my grandma in the ICU, go back to my sister's, watch all the kids while she goes to the store, pack up my girls, go to pick up my Harris Teeter Express Lane order (best invention ever), 

(which was beyond necessary due to the fact that we had less than one roll of toilet paper left in the entire house) get home, make dinner (shrimp cakes with a mango/pineapple salsa. Yum), 

put the girls to bed, collapse in bed. 

Tuesday: up at 4am, work, go straight to the hospital to see my grandma again, home, scrounge up some leftovers for dinner for the girls (Matt ended up having a work dinner), write up some plans for the bridal shower I am hosting in July, the bachelorette party I am planning in August, and the baby shower I am hosting in August (I actually have about 10239809 ideas for each of these so this is all exciting stuff. No stress yet), touch up some of my dining room paint, attempt a few loads of laundry (at 10pm on Tuesday night, this is how my laundry room looks after already doing three loads): 

And I think this next picture makes it obvious that the girls were clearly traumatized by the lack of toilet paper in the house, and took matters into their own hands after our Harris Teeter trip: 

Matt gets home around 11pm, we get into a super deep convo, collapse in bed around 1am (stupid, I know... but I missed him). 

So. Today, I am exhausted both physically and emotionally. Matt got up early to go visit my grandma before he went to work (yet another reason he is the best) and he even went back out to get her a donut (cleared by the nurse). I just feel like time is flying SO fast. I apologize that this is a very boring post and not well-written in any way, but sometimes I feel the need to think about what the heck I did for the last week and process it so maybe I can do things better next week... be a better mom,wife, and friend somehow. All I can do is try, right? 

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