Imaginary Characters and the Start of Holiday Mania...

So the holiday season mania has officially commenced. We had a marathon of activities that I will get to, but first I need to talk about some realizations I have had lately... 

So when you first become a parent, your stresses usually include things like lack of sleep, poop blowouts, nonstop crying, etc. I was well aware (and am still in the midst) of some of these, but I am beginning to enter the next stage. Since Summer started elementary school, I have been met with a whole new set of anxieties... the freaking tooth fairy, this Elf on a Shelf business, and Santa to name a few. I mean, the tooth fairy. So you're telling me that not only do I have to somehow sneak in her room without waking her up, but I have to stick my hand under her pillow to remove said tooth, put money under there, and sneak back out. Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm not a stealthy ninja. That is like mission impossible. I of course have been a total idiot and started out with a high bar as previously shown: 

Tooth #2 came out while we were in Nashville so Matt's brother Ben and his girlfriend Sofi did an amazing job:

This week's effort: 

I mean, it is sort of artistic in a I-have-been-at-the-cold-Redskins-game-and-I-want-to-go-to-bed way. Okay okay okay, it sucks. And I was only able to like half-push it under her pillow. And I couldn't find her tooth. And I left the glitter and glue out on the counter. But I was able to slip those into my pocket this morning before she saw them. Fail. 

I cannot forget to mention that this girl has pulled out all three of her teeth herself. Matt and I were begging her to at least do it in front of us but she needed "privacy." Seriously? She does look pretty cute though: 

So this Elf on a Shelf business. I am going to have to set a nightly reminder to move that thing. I forgot a few (or maybe several) times last year and my lame excuse was, "Oh I guess the elf just really love it there." Yeah. Summer is going to be six this week. My lame excuse gig is coming to an end. And Santa. I mean, Summer asked if he had special tools to get through our chimney because we have a gas fireplace and you can't actually open the glass front to it. I never believed in Santa so I love that they do, and we always make sure they know the real meaning of Christmas. I bought a nativity set this year and they kind of look like oompa loompas. Matt laughed at me, but I think they are cute: 

Before I move on too much, we did have a great Thanksgiving. A wonderful dinner with neighbors the night before (that is going to be a new tradition):

A nice cozy breakfast the next morning. We watched the parade, and hands-down the most amazeballs moment of the parade was this: 

See previous post here if you have no idea why this is so phenomenal. 

We went to Matt's brother Scott and his wife Karli's house for the actual turkey meal. I learned a new after dinner drink that involves fire so it is even better: Spanish Coffee!

The next day we went down to Easton to Matt's sister's house for more eating. Olivia was totally mooching food from her cousin (shocker): 

We then had party on Saturday night at our neighbors. Good food and good people = Great times. 

The winner gets absolutely nothing for guessing which shoes are mine: 

We had another cozy morning on Sunday, with the girls waking Daddy up: 

This one cracks me up because I accidentally used the flash and clearly it didn't go over too well. 

We decorated some for Christmas and then Layla super conveniently locked the guest room door and shut it. And it is the one room that has a super strange key-required doorknob.

Notice no hinges are on this side of the door. Other than trying to pick it (failed) or busting down the door (not the greatest option), I thought we were going to have to call a locksmith. Enter Mr. Fix-it Uncle Ben who drilled into the keyhole: problem solved! Nothing is ever simple around here. 

Our last night of this marathon was the Redskins game. It was cold but not freezing, and a good time as always. 

We rounded out Monday morning with total disarray and exhaustion. Like I posted on facebook, it was 9am and Olivia was sitting at the counter eating chips in a shirt she had been wearing for two days, while I used a beach towel after showering since we were out of bath towels (a laundry issue). My biggest low (even more than my child wearing the same shirt for two days) was ravaging the fridge and eating a cold taquito. 

Gotta love the holidays. 

Happy Wednesday! 

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