Spring Break Fun Attempts...

Mission Get-Your-Life-Together-If-You-Can't-Handle-It-Now-You-Have-No-Hope-For-The-Future has not begun. Whoops. 

Yeah. So sorry. My life is nowhere near together, nor is it on track to be. Actually it may be a bit worse.  

It is spring break. Meaning this will be short and sweet, so don't worry all of you... holy crap how much can she write/aka ramble... people. I have once again failed and it is now Wednesday night, I am tired, two lemon drop martini's-in, and have nothing groundbreaking to say. Not that anything I say is ever groundbreaking, but I don't feel like getting deep right now. 

All I want to do is be happy and positive, which is what I have tried to do this week. The quick recap begins with last Thursday. Olivia was in preparations for her first big sleepover with Nana (Matt's mom) all by herself. She has sat by for her sisters leaving on many occasions. This was her time, and she couldn't have been more excited. Despite the fact that she was being picked up around dinnertime, this girl was packed and ready to go by 11:30am with her new backpack courtesy of our amazing babysitter Valerie. (How we got a sitter that loves our girls so much and actually buys them gifts on the side that they would actually like is beyond me. We really hit the jackpot). Anyways, the Minnie "bapack" is now ever-present, and was filled with her stuff for her first sleepover: 

She couldn't leave me fast enough. Nana's car pulled up and she barely gave me a kiss and a "bye mommy." It does make me happy that she is like that... when I was working, she would sob at the door. Ever since I have been home, I swear the child cherishes time away from me. 

Anyways, on Friday night Matt and I got to go an oh-so-heavenly date night. The wine fairy came to visit me (SO not a bad thing) and it was just a delicious night out. My sister watched our girls and two of them fell asleep in my nephew's bed: 

And Layla wasn't tired at all on the ride home through the neighborhood from my sister's...

The rest of the weekend was filled with a baby shower for my sister-in-law Katie, and then the latest activity addition: soccer. Last time we tried this out it didn't go so well. This time (with the addition of a friend on the team), Summer is a fan. 

Then this week began. I had high aspirations at first. Then I just wanted to have fun. 

We had swim lessons Monday where Layla swam completely by herself for the first time ever (huge), and Summer swam a half-length of freestyle by herself and an entire length of backstroke by herself (also huge). 

We got haircuts by the phenomenal Charity: 

I had an incredibly horrid (albeit cute) trip to the store with all three that made me have a minor breakdown of how difficult this summer is going to be: 

We made Gak: 

And I am exhausted. Yet my house is a disaster and we very nearly have no clean clothes to wear. 

Today we are off to the Baltimore Aquarium. Woohoo! 

So more next week of actual substance. I promise (maybe). 

Happy Spring Break!!!

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