A Few "Firsts" and Roaming Children...

A few thoughts from the last couple days: 

-After three days of using Matt's deodorant, you'd think I would remember to buy some for myself... buuuuut Old Spice it is. I smell like a boy. I really need to get to the store. 

-My children do not have my stomach. Matt can't sit backwards on the metro. I can read in the car upside-down if I want to. Layla's first day of school... Matt picked her up and her class was out on the playground. My dear La (who I have to feed Kids Dramamine if the car ride is like longer than 20 minutes) was on the tire swing. Cue her vomiting all over his car in the 8 minute drive home, right before we were supposed to leave for the Redskins game. That added some last minute fun to us getting packed up and ready for the home opener. Here is Layla in the morning before the puking issue: 

-I cannot seem to get my kids inside the house in an orderly fashion. Clearly this is something we need to work on. So coming home from my sister's the other day (I drove. Yes it probably took longer to drive than walk... but it was hot. Don't judge), I was trying to get all three girls in the house plus a few things I needed to bring in from the car. I think it was karma for the whole walking thing, because it took approximately eight trips in and out of the house to get all three inside. Here is what happened: 

Took Layla out of her carseat. In an attempt to expedite the process (or so I thought), I carried her inside. (1) Came back out, got Olivia out of her carseat, carried her inside. (2) Came back out to get the things from the car, went back inside. (3) Realized Olivia wasn't in the house, had a slight panic, ran back outside to find her inside the car with Summer laughing hysterically. Carried Olivia inside the house again. (4) Went back outside to get Summer and ask her why she is dawdling so much, find Layla back outside, take her back in the house. (5) Summer now came through the front door (no idea why) and left the door open so Olivia is now back outside. Go back out to get her, bring her back inside. Shut the front door. (6) Layla is now back outside via the garage. Go out to get her, bring her back inside. (7) Realize I left my phone in the car. Go back out to get it, come back inside. (8) 

At this point it was 7:11. I got all three girls in pajamas with their teeth brushed and in bed by 7:22. I was just done. I didn't really care if they actually went to sleep, I just needed them to be in bed and to be quiet. And guess what... they all were asleep within a few minutes. These are long days at the beginning of the school year and everyone needed an early night, including mommy. 

-Kids activities are hilarious. I mean SO cute/hilarious. Layla's first day of soccer was last Saturday and Summer's first day of ballet was Monday. (There are more pictures of Layla because we can't stay and watch ballet... and Matt and I were at the Redskins game and so my sister got her ready and took her. Don't judge).

There was a moment she was running and ran right off the field over to me, but we got her back on. 

-Olivia is our "artist" and she has mixed feelings about being alone. 

After dropping Layla off: 

Lashing out in her "own" way: 

Plus about five other locations, including the floor, rug and furniture. I was putting laundry away upstairs and I come walking out of my bedroom to see her frantically running around the family room spastically drawing on every surface possible. This is where she ended up: 

But she tried to redeem herself the next day: 

-Even if the Redskins are getting trounced, I still have an awesome time with my hubby

Happy Thursday!!!

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