The Perfect Wedding and Silly Expectations...

Another epic weekend has come and gone. This past weekend was extra special, because one of my best friends in the universe got married. Location: the ridiculously gorg King Family Vineyard in Charlottesville, Virginia. Friends and family were so excited to be there for an absolutely perfect weekend of fun, wine and laughter. I was matron of honor, Matt was a groomsman, and all three girls were the flower girls... it was quite the family affair. The only snag in the weekend which turned out to be no snag at all was the rain on Saturday. It did force the ceremony to be inside, but in my opinion it was just as gorgeous and perfect as it could have possibly been outside. Tears flowed with their perfectly adorable vows. I gave my speech (a public speaker I am NOT), and was able to relax and dance the night away after that. Every detail was thought of... down to a late-night snack bar (I didn't even partake because I was too busy dancing, obvi). I got quality time with some ladies I have officially dubbed 'The Bostons'... Liz's friends that I kind of adopted as my own and am semi-obsessed with because they are just flat-out awesome. It really was a perfect weekend for a perfect couple. I am going to apologize about the quality and lighting of most of these pics. I forgot to bring out our legit camera, and most were taken frantically with my dear old original iPhone 4 (fear not for the future... an iPhone 5s in gold has been requested for Christmas. I hear the camera is beyond). I will post more actual wedding pics in the future with permission from the bride, who is currently honeymooning. 

So my absolute favorite pic of the rehearsal dinner is my girls running in the field (wearing different colored tutus, obvi). Photo credit: Sof Sof 

I mean, seriously. That is pure beauty and adorableness. 

We got our hair and makeup done on wedding day, and Summer was kind of obsessed with the pampering: 

Prior to actually needing to take pictures, I didn't dare put the dresses on the girls... so we had some diaper drawing time: 

The dresses finally went on: 

Sidenote about the headbands... they were absolutely GORG from Etsy, but the only problem was that they were super heavy in my girls' fine hair. What I ended up doing was actually sewing them into my girls hair. Yes, that actually did happen. Needle and thread. But it wasn't necessarily successful. Livi's fell out in about four seconds. Layla got super over it and tried to actually pull it out and got mad. Summer's stayed in all night. Oh well. 

 Me and my amazeballs sister-in-law Karli. Our fav hashtag: #marriedtobrothers.

I love my little family: 

At one point (sort of late-night) they pulled out a bin of silly props, and I just put my hand in and pulled out... a catcher's mask. If I am presented a challenge, I will go with it. No one can say I don't fully commit. This is our dear friend Jenny who is going with the whole Fantasia vibe. You can see Goofy's head above us, and there may or may not have been an individual with a seashell bra over her dress with a boa. Amazeballness. 

Layla fell asleep very early on. Summer sobbed and begged for "one more song" when she had to go (We brought my brother to help us with the girls). Livi danced as long as we let her. My absolute favorite pic of the reception of them was Matt and Livi dancing. This is a pic I want at her wedding. Just beyond cute:

Literally melts my heart. 

So every Sunday at the vineyard, they host a polo match. When I hear 'polo,' I think of Prince William and Prince Harry, and of course... Pretty Woman. It was probably the most gorg day you can imagine. I decided I want to move to Charlottesville and go every weekend. Everyone pulls their car up to the sidelines, sets up tents, food, etc. There is a wine cart. I repeat, a WINE CART!!! Perfection. Here are a few shots from the match: 

I just love them: 

We even got to go out on the field and put back the clumps of dirt (divots). Beware of the steaming divot! (I truly hope you got the reference):

I look super awkward and semi-pregs but I had to post because I love Olivia running in the background after Summer and Nana: 

The clouds were ridic: 

I was only minorly afraid that the horses would come leaping over the "fence" on top of us: 

It could not have been a better weekend, seriously. I would love to go back there again some weekend. What made it better is that we were just so beyond happy for Liz and Conor. They are awesome. 

So at the moment I am writing this portion of the post, it is 10:13 in the morning and I am already on my third shirt. Shirt #1 got caught on the random hook by the sink and ripped a big old hole in the bottom (super annoying because I love the shirt. Michael Stars, long-sleeved, boxy, grey stripes, super comfy and soft. Grrrr). Shirt #2 got a yogurty face smeared all over the front past the point of wiping it off. Shirt #3 already has a few small things on it in the approximately four minutes I have been wearing it, but I am just over changing. I mean, whatever. I am also on my third cup of coffee. I have been realizing my beyond ridiculous ingestion of coffee. I need to cut back, but then I have this hanging in my kitchen... 

I am one that usually thrives on busy-ness. When I have a lot to do, I get a ton done (if that makes any sense). These days, despite not working a 'real job,' I now feel busier than ever... in part because I feel like I should be doing these 'stay-at-home' mom things. I think I put stupid pressure on myself to have great meals for dinner, a clean house, do fun activities with my kids, etc. The fact of the matter is that no matter what, whether you work a schmillion hours a week, part-time, or none at all... we are all just trying.

An article has been going around Facebook from some radio guy Matt Walsh on parents and non-parents, judging, etc. If you haven't read it, I definitely recommend. If you have read any of my previous posts, you can imagine what side I am on. My favorite line from the entire article is, "Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do." As you see, I put a ton of my life and parenting out there. Obviously I am going to get plenty of judgements despite my "don't judge" add-ins. I hope people know I am not out to say 'my way' or anything of the like is in ANY way the right way. I actually hope my self-deprecation shows that I really feel like I am screwing up all the time and have no idea what I am actually doing. I am just trying to do my best, as my blog title shows. In some ways I thought that when I quit work, it would become so much easier. Stress would be gone. Welp. Not so much. It has become harder in different ways, and easier in different ways. We all have our challenges. Mine right now may be very different or very similar to yours. I am going to have my good days, and bad days. I just want my priorities to be right, and everything else will fall into place. 

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I learned a while ago (okay...maybe it's been a few months), that as a stay at home mom...NOTHING is going to be perfect, no matter how hard I try. My husband told me he would rather come home to a messy home...and have everyone happy, than a clean house with a 5 course dinner...and have people angry at each other. Your girls are going to remember how much fun you had with them and how much you cared for them...rather than if the dishes were still in the sink (at 10pm) ;) You're doing a great job and I'm so happy you had a great weekend! Your family photo is adorable!

  2. Hey bestie! How did i not know you had a blog?!?. Great post, can't wait to go back and read all the others. Miss u at work. MWAH!!