NashVegas and an Epic Halloween...

Per usual, my apologies for being MIA. Went to Nashville and had a party. Cleaning took priority. Can I just first take a moment to discuss that while I loved "gaining" an hour of my life this past weekend, Olivia is now up and on the go at around 6:30... this means I get zero alone time to settle, have a cup of coffee, and breathe before the chaos of the day starts. It is 6:30am right now while I am editing this, and she is sitting on my lap attempting to type. Don't expect me to fix grammatical errors and typos in this one... She is barely letting me see the screen. 

First up: Nashville.

So the president of Matt's company (Remmie) and his wife (Carin) are super fun, amazeballs people. We had gone out to sushi one night several months ago and somehow the subject of Nashville came up. The boys had been (for work only) but us ladies hadn't. I am a massive country music fan and love boots... What could be wrong with Nashville?!?! We fleetingly discussed planning a trip for the fall (sidenote... I never really thought it was going to come to fruition). Well it did. I had absolutely ZERO to do with any and all planning and I did NO research. Lucky for us a dear friend of ours went to Vanderbilt for grad school and sent detailed recommendations. So I felt guilty for a nanosecond that we were going away for a second time within one year without the kids...then I got over it. We have been married for nearly seven years and have essentially been away for two nights total until we went to the Derby. We deserve it. 

So another awesome couple from work decided to come as well. Like I said in the last post, I didn't really process it was even happening until pretty much the day before we were leaving (in part due to the fact that part of the planning was when I was still working, aka when I had no clue what was going on in most parts of my life). We had somehow finagled childcare (due to people offering)... Liz and Conor (newlyweds from this post) wanted to take Olivia for the weekend (I was actually really happy about that because she deserves some one-on-one attention sometimes). Summer and Layla were going to be between my mother-in-law and brother-in-law(Ben)/his girlfriend Sofi (aka previous nanny). I frantically ran around like a psychotic person the day before, but somehow got everyone packed with what they need (blankies, noise machine, Mickey/Minnie, etc). We got off to a good start in the morning and actually left before we were planning (miracles do happen). Checked in at the airport, got through security, and settled down at the airport bar for breakfast and Bloody Mary's.... perfection, right? The pit in my stomach from the worry of forgetting things started to slowly melt away with each sip and the excitement for the weekend started creeping in. We finished our food and drinks and mosied on over to our gate... where we were met with this: 

Of course no one was at our gate to let us know what the heck was going on. We were supposed to be boarding at this point, and now we had no flight and no idea how or when we were getting there. Finally we got a woman to pay attention to us (her sluggish demeanor and lack of initiative was slightly troublesome). She informed us that we were rebooked on the next flight, which was at 1:45pm. Okay perfect, we can handle that. Back to the bar we go. After that debacle we arrive in Nashville and shockingly our luggage arrive with us. 

Cab to the hotel was simple. We stayed at The Hermitage Hotel which is an absolutely amazing/five-star everything/I am not classy enough to be here type of place. I mean, I love a place that turns down your bed at night, leaving you chocolate and robes. It had our very own espresso machine!! Heaven!!! 

We only had enough time to unpack and freshen up before we met down at the bar with everyone for drinks and then headed over to the Grand Ole Opry. As I said before, zero research for this trip.... but we found out the day before that Lady Antebellum was going to be there!!! In addition to that, Love and Theft (you would recognize their songs if you like country), Brandy Clark (totally amazing up-and-coming artist), and a lot of honky-tonk people that are apparently very famous but I was clueless about. Connie Smith sang (she is in the Country Music Hall of Fame and she is married to some guy singer who was wearing really strange leather pants). The show was awesome!!! I had no idea it was an actual live radio broadcast!! They even had the actor Eric Close stop in for some guest announcing (he is currently on the show Nashville, has a recurring role in Suits on USA, and was on Without a Trace for forever). 

Seriously an awesome show. 

The next day was Remmie's birthday so his goal in life was to sit at an awesome bar with live music and watch college football games. He succeeded. My favorite quote of the weekend was from Remmie, who stated, "I wouldn't go to an art museum unless there was nuclear warfare, and it was the only place I could go to breathe, AND there is beer there." The ladies walked around and shopped, where we found our boots... buy one, get two free!!! So essentially I got a pair of totally perfect, normally $350 boots for $127. You don't need to talk me into that.

Loveee them. In addition to my boots, I would have loved to purchase this item but just couldn't bring myself to do it: 

They had a beer belly too. So Nashville is just gorg: 

And we hung out at Honky Tonk Central for most of the day: 

Seriously such amazing live music. And these are the people who aren't making it!!! Craziness. We went to The Southern that evening for a super delicious dinner where Matt actually got to select his specific meat. Vegetarians, turn away now: 

He chose a mere 27.5oz slab. Our waiter snuck in the back of this pic so it pretty much looks like they are BFFs. 

We bar-hopped the rest of the night and the majorly interesting thing was some girl was hitting on Matt and was trying to get him to buy her a drink... you have no idea how close I was to spider-monkeying her up. Those would have been awesome pics. 

On Sunday we went to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Kenny Rogers was being inducted so they were setting up the red carpet which I obvi snuck onto: 

The flight home was uneventful and I missed my babies SO much. We had such a great weekend... then back to reality on Monday!!! 

Next up: Halloween

Pumpkins were carved (and one was eaten by a deer much to Matt's devastation): 

Orange pancakes were (frantically) made and devoured: 

School parades and parties were attended, costumes were donned and trick or treating occurred: 

Next time I am at my mom's I am determined to find the (many) pics of me wearing that very same pumpkin costume. 

Now. If you are aware of my neighborhood, you will know that we moved onto the "party street." Neighbors select holidays and have ginormous parties to celebrate... complete with catering, a DJ and full bar. One night when we were all just hanging out, we somehow got talked into having a low-key, everyone brings stuff Halloween party. It started out small and then turned into something much bigger. So Sofi (brother-in-law's girlfriend/previous nanny) has a mother (Robyn) who had a previous career/current passion of interior decorating, in addition to a love of halloween and all related decor. Score one for us. Robyn came over and went to TOWN for our party decor. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice because what she created was a work of art. The lighting and ambiance was utterly perfect, and everyone seriously couldn't believe what she had turned our house into. 

I really wish these pictures could in any way show the amazeballness that it really was. My house was utterly transformed. Costumes were required and somehow every single person dressed up. So my costume choice was based on the constant, incessant teasing I get from my neighbors for my age. The fact that I was born in the 80's is such a foreign/troubling concept to them. To give them a little nod, I decided to dress up as an 80's workout girl... complete with thong leotard over neon tights, leg warmers. cut-off shirt, Reebok classics, and blue eye shadow. I ordered my costume piece-by-piece to attain the right look. To achieve a proper look for my partner, I didn't have to look far... what exemplifies 80's and exercise more than our namesake, Richard Simmons himself?!? The costume was ordered immediately, which Matt refused to try on until just moments before the party because he "didn't want to dread it any more" than he already was. What occurred, my friends, was epic: 

Now we are just scheming ways to get him in this costume again... perhaps Summer's first date? I don't want to wait that long... 

Happy Wednesday!! 

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