Note to self...

Note to self: Always look to make sure you purchased the correct replacement light fixture prior to taking the other one down. It is extremely unhelpful having no light when trying to reorganize and clean a room. On the same note, always take said-light fixture (in this case, a fan) down in the proper way. It is not helpful to be standing on a ladder, holding up the base of the fan, while trying to unscrew the blades and unwire the fan. AKA... Think. First. Please. 

Note to self: ALWAYS bring the diaper bag or have an extra diaper in the car, even if you are only running to the gym for a 45 minute class. You will be summoned 17 minutes into the class because your child pooped. And you will have to go home, wasting all the effort it took to get there. But you broke a sweat, so going anywhere else requires another shower. Diapers. Always. 

Note to self: Keep a puke bag in the car at ALL TIMES. I repeat, ALL TIMES. You will become a ninja at getting it to the correct child in the nick of time, but only if you actually have one. 

Note to self: Do not attempt to open the plastic cover on an Ikea frame by intensely stabbing it with your thumb. You will break through the plastic and gouge said-thumb on the bendy metal piece, resulting in a gushing wound that probably should have had a few stitches (but since you are a nurse and don't go to the hospital unless you are dying, you will just wrap it up and continue on with your life). You will not realize how critical said-thumb is to your life until it affects you doing absolutely everything-- from putting your hair up, to wiping your kids' butts, to building the latest Ikea shelves you bought. This incapacitated thumb is not helpful to the endless to-do list prior to the large party you are having at your house on Saturday. Just get the freaking scissors out.

Note to self: Do not start massive projects in the days before hosting a large party at your house. You will curse yourself in the midst of exhausted reorganizing/painting/hanging frames/installing new light fixtures/whatever idiotic thing you have decided to attempt at this point.

Note to self: Always keep wine in the house. Just do it. 

Note to self: Always talk to your hubby prior to said-major projects, especially when it includes more money than you were anticipating. The hard work won't go quite as appreciated when he enters the closet and everything is everywhere. And he was previously clueless that this was even something on your mind.

Note to self: Seriously, get the scissors out. Your thumb will be the bane of your existence. 

Note to self: Move to a location where snow days don't exist. Because until kids are older, the cabin fever is excruciating.

Note to self: Wait until your hubby gets home (after talking to him, of course) to attempt to move two large boxes containing Ikea Expedit shelves from your car, all the way upstairs to your closet. Your freaking thumb is still bleeding. What are you doing?!?!

Note to self: Seriously, stop with the projects.

Note to self: Avoid Ikea. At all costs. 

Note to self: Don't wait until the last nanosecond to write a blog when all you can do is rehash your utter stupidity from the past week with a gimpy thumb. 

Note to self: Go get stitches when you need them. 

Note to self: Count your children when you go inside, particularly when you have friends along with them. That is all that will be spoken of this. But just count them. 

Note to self: Keep the blog post short. Your thumb is bleeding again. 

Note to self: Enjoy your girls. They are perfection. 

Chocolate wasted

I'm ready for the snow, mom!

Happy Thursday!!! 

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