Baby Gifts, a Fair and a Race...

Mania continues... what else is new. 

This week has (and continues to be) a slightly psychotic one. See the scribblings from my planner below, which only really encompasses a small part of major activities: 

As you see, Tuesday appeared to be free... which turned into a five loads of laundry, grocery store, clean parts of my house that haven't seen disinfectant in a while type of day. The type of day that you feel like you are cleaning for hours but no one would really see any difference. SO not fun. 

This portion of my planner also doesn't show last weekend, which was exhausting to a new level. Let me cut to the chase... 

Friday night we met up with dear, wonderful friends. They are expecting a little girl who is beyond wanted and long-anticipated. I seriously couldn't be happier for them. I wasn't able to go to her shower (Hershey Park day) but I wanted to give her her gift in person. 

One of my favorite kinds of shower gifts to give is just an assortment of some of my favorite things. These usually involve something adorable (but you wouldn't buy yourself), some practical items, and then a few fun ones. Here is what I included in this gift: 

First up: Ridiculously.Teeny.Toms. Every little girl needs some sparkle in her life. 

Next: My favorite wine to give mommy's, purely for the name. A plastic, lidded wine sippy cup goes along with it... babies are spastic, those little arms can knock over a wine glass faster than they can poop. 

To go along with the wine, these strips are amazeballs for your peace of mind when breastfeeding... 

These little squares of heaven shown below are essential in the beginning... being proactive with these will seriously help prevent or ease the horrific pain/cracking that can occur. 

This last one is a new one for me, and not personally tested out. I have heard from all of my friends with recent babies that this is a total lifesaver. Called Baby Merlin's Magic Sleepsuit (yeah, I know), it helps keep babies cozy and slightly weighed down to prevent their spastic movements that cause them to wake up (or knock over wine glasses). I have heard major sleeping improvement occur with this thing... and sidenote: this baby was just a google search image of the product. 

So those are just a few of my favorite things. I always have to pick and choose because there are just so many phenomenal things out there (along with 8 schmillion unnecessary ones). We had an awesome evening catching up with them. They will be absolutely amazing parents, for sure. 

Saturday started out with Summer's ballet (Remembered again. Parents of the year!), and then a fair at Summer's elementary school. We clearly were clueless about what activities were going to be there, because we pulled up and saw a ton of bouncy-house type activities and had to run home to get Summer some pants. Her dress was just not going to cut it. 

We had an awesome day there, full of face-painting and pink hair:


***Sidenote: we totally forgot Summer had soccer team pictures on Sunday. Whatevs. She will be the cool girl with the pink ponytail for all eternity in her team's eyes.***

It was a fun time and the girls enjoyed themselves. 

Saturday night was a very special celebration. Close family friends of ours celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary this month, and their kids threw them an absolutely awesome surprise party. I love seeing a couple who so obviously cherish each other and are clearly best friends as well. Those are the couples who are such wonderful examples. They really are an inspiration to Matt and I, and it was a great party. 

So Sunday morning came around way too quickly. Every year my family participates in the Race for Hope in memory of my dad. It is an annual 5K to raise money for brain tumor research, held on Pennsylvania Avenue... in the heart of the gorgeousness of DC. 

It is actually just a really hard day for me every year. I don't enjoy it, which is sort of selfish on my part. You see all the survivors walking or running in their special yellow shirts which is so so SO amazing... but my dad isn't among them, which brings out a sort of jealous/grieving situation in me. I don't wish the pain and agony of losing a loved one to a brain tumor (or anything else of course) on anyone. I just wish he was here and it didn't happen. Or he at least survived it. The visual awareness that others survived and he didn't can just take me back to a really sad, hard place. 

I usually just walk the 5K (or to be totally honest, go for a little bit and then turn around. You try having three kids in a massive, crazy crowd of 12,000). This year, considering the fact that I am supposed to be running twice the distance in just a few weeks, I decided to run it. I had one goal, and one goal alone. Don't walk any of it. Once again, for you runners out there, a 5K is merely a quick jog. For me, my friends, it is actually the longest distance I have ever really run. I am happy to report that I accomplished my goal. The last half-mile I kind of wanted to die, but my inner competitor came out when I saw other people running around me who made me think, "Okay if they can do this, I can." It was a totally gorgeous day, we went back to my mom's house after for the usual brunch she puts on after the race, and we enjoyed relaxing with loved ones. A few of my girls and some cousins got ahold of the cucumbers from the veggie tray and decided they needed a little refresh... 

We celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday that early evening, went home, rinsed the girls off in the bath, took my very own long, hot shower, and I went to bed. At 7:57pm. And I went RIGHT to sleep. 

So my week began, as you can see. More on that next week. I'm too tired from this week to write about it... 

Happy Thursday!!! 

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