Hershey Park and Hand Me Downs...

You haven't truly lived until you have been on a Tilt-A-Whirl with a two year old. I would actually rate it as one of my top parenting moments that I will tuck away forever. It was the last ride of the day at Hershey Park with a bunch of my family this past weekend. I was exhausted, and in serious need of a shower and a beer. Thankfully, fortunately, we were all gathering to leave right around several kiddie rides with essentially no line, one of them being the Tilt-A-Whirl. Layla, Livi and I plopped ourselves down and prepared for awesomeness. And then it happened. The ride started, we began to fly around. The best sound in the entire world was loud and solid. Olivia could not stop laughing... a belly laugh that you wouldn't believe. The biggest smile in the world. She was actually red-faced and crying because she was laughing so uncontrollably. Those are the moments that all of the insanity is worth it. Pure joy on the face of a child. 

We really did have a great day. 

This was the girls' first time going to Hershey Park. My mom gets cheap tickets for a specific date every spring via her gas company (I have no idea). This was the first year we were able to go, and I think it was perfect. Kids are categorized based on height for what rides they can go on. The adorableness is that they are named based on different Hershey candy. Olivia was a Hershey's Miniature. Layla was a Hershey's Kiss, and Summer was a Reese's. The rides they were able to go on were actually a little surprising. I was frantically grabbing onto Layla's shirt on the Tilt-A-Whirl because we were spinning so hard I swore that little peanut was going to fly out. Summer was obsessed with the roller coasters which was a bit surprising. 

Layla handled herself well despite leaving her motion sickness bracelets in the car (she was actually obeying me by taking them off because I have told her very specifically that we keep them in the car... It really sucks when you are driving and she says her tummy hurts and you know the bracelets are sitting on the kitchen counter). 

Livi loved every ride she could possibly go on. We were expecting rain in the afternoon but I only felt three drops during one threatening 15 minute period (I was beyond prepared with perfect layered outfits/rain jackets for all that could accommodate several weather situations. I ended up sweating, per usual). 

The only snag of the day occurred when we arrived at the hotel we chose for the sole reason that it had an indoor pool. Instead of driving home exhausted and miserable, we figured we could make a relaxed night of it with additional fun for everyone. Not 10 minutes before we checked in, a glass lightbulb had been broken in the pool, necessitating immediate closure and evacuation. 

Who needs a pool when you have seven cousins together, a laptop, Frozen, beer and Jimmy John's Gargantuan sub?? I swear I don't even normally like half the stuff in that sandwich but it was phenomenal

After a lovely weekend, I began the dreaded process of spring clothing cleanout. I detest it, because I mean... getting all of my girls to have all pieces of clothing on at all times is basically a feat. Having them try everything on is an incredibly tedious chore. This year is particularly challenging, because my adorable youngest daughter happens to be, ahem, a big stockier than her older sister. She is shorter but rounder... and weighs more. This screws up the whole 'hand-me-down' concept. Different shirts fit them differently. So everything must be tried on. 

Although Summer is very petite for her age, she did definitely have a bit of a growth spurt lately... which basically means she can't wear any of her 4T clothing anymore (she turned six last December). I tried to explain to her that it is kind of awesome to be the oldest because you get the most new clothing. She LOVES all things girly and is obsessed with shopping (bad news, this house can only handle one of me). Summer has always been our child with the old soul. She has this strange sense of maturity and awareness that her childhood is fleeting. She also has a ridiculously empathetic, sensitive heart. She attaches memories to absolutely EVERYTHING. Then it turns into the saddest, most pathetic sobfest. I'm talking... the girl doesn't want to throw a dirty bandaid away because "it was from the time that I fell and scratched my knee and Layla said my name for the first time and we had spaghetti for dinner" type of thing. 

"I remember <sniff sniff> at our old house, <sniff> I was sitting on the couch with daddy <sniff sniff> watching a movie... and I was wearing those pajamas."

"But I wore this shirt last Easter. It just CAN'T be too small!!" 

"Aunt Lizard got me this shirt! It is just so special to me!!" 

I could go on and on.

My heart sort of breaks for her, because it is like she feels my pain over how utterly quickly she is growing up. She has no major desire to get older. Summer would be perfectly happy hanging out with me all day, every day, and cuddling up with me every night. Last week after spring break she was in tears going back to school. She absolutely loves it, but says to me, "I got so used to being with you all the time this week, and I'm just going to miss you." She is devastated when I go out at night. Her favorite Taylor Swift song is "Never Grow Up." After her fourth birthday, she very seriously proclaimed that she would never get older. No turning five. No way. Four was it. If only we could freeze them. 

Random Sidenote #1: Summer packed her own lunch for school last night. I checked it out and even wrote her own note. 

Random Sidenote #2: We found Summer's FAVORITE sunglasses from when she was a baby. Then and now.

Random Sidenote #3: We had swim and golf team signups this week. Summer is going to be on the mini swim team, and play golf as well. All the girls were obsessed with the little golf set-up which is like a total dream for Matt. I mean, he has three daughters. Give him a break. 

Random Sidenote #4: The swim team bathing suit was $62.54. I'm sorry, on what planet is a child's bathing suit SIXTY-TWO DOLLARS?!?! It better stinkin teach her how to swim. 

Happy Thursday! 


  1. Aww I love Hershey Park! I can't wait until Nico can ride amusement park rides! I think our first trip will be Coney Island :-) And that is so sweet about Summer and the sadness of growing up. It's exciting but makes you teary at the same time. I feel you Summer!




    1. You will die when he can, it is just too stinkin cute to see such massive smiles on their faces!!! xoxo