Weekly Chuckle...

You may think I have gone ecard crazy. Sort of. They are awesome, I make no excuses. So I have a feeling today is going to be this kind of day... I had child #1 come in bed at 1:45am after a bad dream. I then proceeded to sit there awake stressing about all the things I need to take care of (stupid ants before we go on vacation, remembering to ask someone to watch the dog, babysitters for future things, the current chaotic state of my house, etc). Then child #2 came in at 2:30am because she couldn't sleep without child #1 (I was still awake). Then child #2 must have had a dream about gymnastics because she drop-kicked me like 17 times (no exaggeration) in the FACE throughout the night. I actually was getting seriously angry. Like I kept spinning her around and just pushing her across the bed in the direction of child #1 and Matt. She kept making her way back to me... 

So for today, my coffee is more like, "Come on, you can make it through! Only a few more hours until bedtime!" And then wine will be, "Great job, now you can sit down for longer than 12 seconds." 

Happy Tuesday! 

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