Weekly Chuckle...

This weekly chuckle is dedicated to my new dishwasher that will be arriving TOMORROW. #fact... you know you are an adult when you are really excited about getting a new appliance. We have been replacing the appliances one-by-one since we moved almost two years ago. Other than the stovetop (which will be thrown out the window and switched to gas when we finally commit to redoing the kitchen, aka have an extra schmillion $$$ to spare) the dishwasher is the last on the list. It no longer dries anything, so not only do I have to essentially fully wash each dish before it goes in the dishwasher, but then I have to completely towel dry each dish before putting it away. I kind of like to think of the actual dishwashing cycle as just a little break for me, since it would technically be more time-efficient to wash everything by hand. The picture above truly defines my dishwashing determination. I find my dishwasher-loading prowess pretty high on my list of skills. It is kind of a sense of satisfaction to get everything in there when it seemed impossible just a few minutes before. It is the little things, people. 

Happy Monday!!!

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