A weekend AWAY...

So I got this AMAZEBALLS package in the mail today. And I am SO excited. A few weeks ago, I was in a terrible mood and being a total brat. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure it was the day that Matt's alarm woke me up and I basically hadn't slept all night. So Matt says to me, "You wanna go to the Kentucky Derby?" My response: "I mean, obviously." With my hubby's job, he often gets offered many perks in the form of trips... that we have had to say no to for the past five years due to those minor things called pregnancy, breastfeeding, and nursing school. I lied, we haven't said no to all of them... Matt did take his brother Ben to Costa Rica for a week when I was pregnant and in school. (You can tell me what a fab wife and sister-in-law I am anytime.) Anyway, I don't think Matt has even told me about the majority of them because they just weren't possible. We are finally getting to the point where leaving the kids IS possible, and I am THRILLED. We went away for one night for our anniversary last November and it was seriously fabulous. This trip is very doable as well: a Thursday-Sunday, within the country. I told him to 100% say yes and we will figure out the girls later. Now what's funny is we have so many people offering to watch them (which is amazing that we have so many wonderful friends and family willing-- I'm pretty sure people feel bad for us as-- and also amazing that my girls are decently behaved enough so people want to! It makes me happy). So, we are doing this, I am so excited, and let the hat shopping commence!!! 

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  1. Aww you SO deserve it! Have an amazing time!