Dress-up and a few random things...

So Matt is out of town again. I swear he has not traveled this much in a while. Since I try to look at the bright side of things (you can laugh... I re-read my depressing vent from last week) I decided that the only benefit of him being gone is that I don't feel the need to make legit, manly, filling dinners. Noodles with butter and some veggies work just fine for us girls. This morning I made pancakes (purple, obvi) and it was slightly pathetic that I was the only one to want chocolate chips added (well, I'm sure Olivia would have loved it since she is our bottomless pit. I didn't give her the option). 

Proud mama bear moment: I had Summer's parent-teacher conference this week for Pre-K (we also went to her elementary school to pick up her kindergarten packet. I'm freaking out). Her Pre-K teacher gave her the highest numbers in every category, and said she would have given her higher numbers if possible! My favorite thing was that she said Summer was absolutely the sweetest, always included everyone when playing, and had more empathy than she has ever seen in a five year old. That's my girl. :o)

In honor of last night's fashion show (see facebook video... and sidenote, I swear I own shirts for Olivia. She literally chokes herself whenever I put a bib on her so I always just strip her. And she is eating quite often, hence the nonstop shirtlessness), here are a few of my favorite past dress-up pics of Summer and Layla.  

Happy Thursday!

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