Tub Pooper Escapee...

So does anyone else still feel like they have been hit by a truck? My body really has the biggest issues with time changes. I remember when I went to Australia (a 15 hour time change), I felt physically ill for a solid week (Good thing I was there for months. A two week vacation would have been very unfortunate). I posted this pic on facebook yesterday, but it just makes me laugh because Summer literally just couldn't move and I felt her pain. 

Anywho, we had a crazy weekend of wedding activities for some friends of ours. Matt was in the wedding, so I came back and forth to handle the girls and do babysitting switches. During the afternoon on Saturday, I put them all in the bath to have them nice and clean to take over to my sister's. If you saw my facebook status last week about how "It's all fun and games until somebody poops in the tub," you may laugh more because it happened again. I just don't get it. I even specifically waited until after Olivia pooped to put them in the tub. Last week was not the first time this has happened, and I know this past time won't be the last time... but ugh. It's disgusting. The process of taking the kids out of the tub, trying to rescrub them down in the shower or a different tub, draining the water in the tub, getting the poop out, then cloroxing the tub is exhausting and straight up gross. During the "child evacuation" period, I had a little runaway... The runaway was the poop culprit herself. I'm talking all-out sprint to try to get away. I have photographic evidence of her attempted getaway: 

My text to Matt after this happened was this: "We are never bathing Olivia again." Clearly that won't be the case, but now I really get nervous every time I put this girl in the tub. It is just not okay. 

Now we are having an oh-so-fun morning that involved sneaking of candy. They are in their respective corners (and Olivia is eating. Shocking, I know), and now I need to go deal with this... I need a nap already. 

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