Makeup, Soccer and Speech...

The weekend flew by, per usual. The major exciting event in our house was.... Summer started soccer! On Saturday morning, the girls spent about an hour getting ready for a surprise. Matt took Summer and Layla to Dick's Sporting Goods to get all of the stuff that Summer needed. Of course they had to put makeup on and dresses before they left: 

Pretty sure he was more excited than she was, because they came back with a giant bag of shorts, cleats, balls, shin guards, socks, a water bottle, and a baseball tee (???). It doesn't matter that everything had some sort of pink in it... it is sports-related! Summer even said, "Daddy really likes that store!" Summer is our girlie-girl but she really did want to play soccer (and do ballet of course). Layla is dying to play soccer but everything seems to be parent-involved until you are three (which doesn't work so well when you have multiple kids). So, soccer happened... and while it may not be Summer's forte, she was by far the best-dressed (and only girl). (I really want to post a video, but for some reason videos from my iphone don't like to be normal when I put them on here. If anyone has any insight to this problem, please let me know). 

Soon enough Layla. Soon enough. 

On another note... did this weather wrench anyone else's day?? I made an appointment today for a women from a county program to come evaluate Layla's speech (she understands everything, doesn't shut up, but you can't understand SO much of what she is saying. Summer has to translate, and then Layla is like, "Yeahhhhhh" like you were a total idiot to not get what she was saying. A lot of frustration, so we are just getting an evaluation). I drop Summer off at school at 9:15, Olivia goes down for her nap at 10ish, so I figured 10:30 would be ideal for a quiet scenario to talk to this woman for about an hour. Enter bad weather and a two hour delay, and now everything is a mess. Summer should be going to school at 11:15 (but only until 1:45) which will be right in the middle of the speech evaluation. So, it looks like Summer won't be going to school today. I'm pretty sure 2 1/2 hours is pretty pointless... I'll just make her read me an extra book :o). I swear, I can make the most perfect plans and schedule, and no matter what... everything changes. This is why it is always so hard to balance a schedule vs being "go with the flow" as a parent. You always have to adapt, because your kids will surprise you in any way they can. 

Happy Monday!

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