New Years Resolutions...

So I'm a few weeks late in making them, but ehhh... I figure better late than never. I like doing resolutions, but realistic ones that I can possibly attain. Some of these aren't hard-core measurable, but they are the direction that I want to head in. 

1. Have special individual time with each daughter once a month (Layla gets way too excited to go to the doctor because that is essentially the only time she gets to be alone with me. I can't let her have these middle child issues).

2. Keep up monthly dates with the hubby.

3. Wear a bikini this summer (I finally lost the baby weight but there needs to be some serious tightening before this becomes a reality). 

4. Plan meals consistently.

5. Start using coupons (I started this one last week. Between the weekly specials and coupons, I saved $73 at Harris Teeter!!! Amazeballs!!). 

6. Not have dishes left in the sink at night (I know some of you may gasp at the mere thought of going to bed without a spotless kitchen. I, my friends, am not one of them. If I'm exhausted, I have been known to sneak off to sleep... but then I'm so completely irritated at myself the next morning. I need to remind myself... it is ALWAYS worth it to do it right away).

7. Start a blog (Woohoo! I completed a resolution already!).

8. Write a note of appreciation to someone every month (I also need to resolve to buy more stamps, because whenever I think about doing this, I'm always like, "Well I can't mail it anyways..."). 

9. Buy less clothes but nicer ones (My husband questioned this one. Since I'm my normal size now, I don't have to worry about the whole "I don't want to buy expensive stuff in a size I don't plan on being for long." Let's be serious... Expensive jeans just make your butt look SO much better. Hmm... I should use the money I save by couponing... ). 

10. Put laundry away IMMEDIATELY after folding (There are few things that I get more irritated at than when a basket full of clean laundry gets confused with the dirty...aka peed-through pants get tossed in... and I have to re-wash everything). 

11. Keep a plant alive (this may be the hardest resolution I am going for). 

12. So this one sort of goes along with #1 but in a daily way. I was about to post this earlier this morning (without this resolution), but I woke up late (I worked for 17 hours yesterday, I'm sort of half-asleep as I type this), got Summer ready for school (thankfully Matt was able to drop her off) and discovered I have a flat tire (I will be walking to my sisters later to borrow her car to pick Summer up from school). I have laundry to do, bathrooms to clean, rugs to vacuum, etc. I usually try to get things done around the house in the morning while Olivia is taking her nap, so I try to set Layla up with toys, books, a show, something to keep her occupied. This morning, in my half-zombie state, I decided... screw it. The laundry will get done later. Who cares about a little toothpaste on the bathroom sink. I need my La time. So, we made brownies (she couldn't believe she was the one to put ALL of the ingredients in herself... and also, this will not help #3), read books, did a puzzle, and even now she is sitting in my lap while I type, looking at all of the pictures in my phone. A lot of times when I am this exhausted and try to get things done, my patience wears thin in about 0.237 seconds. Instead, we have had a fabulous morning. So, for 2013, I would like to have less of a task-oriented mindset (within reason... laundry won't do itself). My girlies and the hubs are the most important. 


  1. Awesome! P.S. If you need help with couponing let me know. I'm a bit obsessive! :)

    1. Omg I would love help! Do you really need multiple copies of the paper? I just don't get that concept.

  2. You're awesome Steph! I am amazed at how much you can accomplish in a day! And totally agree with you about the expensive jeans... :)

    1. Thanks Erwin :o) Miss you! And yes, hands down, I could not live without expensive jeans. I actually found ones on sale when I was a bigger size. It makes such a difference. xoxo

  3. 2 nights ago, the dishwasher was already on, and the sink was so full that there were dirty dishes on the counter. I'm sure you're doing better than that!

    1. Hahaahha ohh I've been there. It's not pretty.